Scotland: The Big Picture

I was recently asked to join the SCOTLAND: THE BIG PICTURE team as a Contributing Writer and subsequently appeared in their introductory film above. As Scotland begins its rewilding journey, STBP exists as a multimedia hub combining ecological science with compelling narratives and the finest imagery to tell inspiring stories that amplify the case for a wilder Scotland.

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Guardians of the Amur Tiger

An enthralling short film about Amur Tiger conservation in one of its last  strongholds, against the backdrop of increasing threats from poaching and habitat fragmentation.




Bumper Year For Basking Sharks In Scotland

Over 700 sightings of the world’s second largest fish were recorded by the wildlife tour operator, Basking Shark Scotland and members of the public, between April and October this year.  The majority of the encounters took place near the islands of Mull, Tiree and Coll; all being established hotspots for sightings of these mysterious creatures, along with a variety of cetaceans.  Just 172 Basking Sharks were spotted in 2013, with 250 documented last year.  According to Basking Shark Scotland, 2015 has been their most plentiful year for sightings.

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The Curious Case of Great Tits Preying on Bats

Embed from Getty Images

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