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Scotland: The Big Picture

I was recently asked to join the SCOTLAND: THE BIG PICTURE team as a Contributing Writer and subsequently appeared in their introductory film above. As Scotland begins its rewilding journey, STBP exists as a multimedia hub combining ecological science with compelling narratives and the finest imagery to tell inspiring stories that amplify the case for a wilder Scotland.

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The Trouble With Anthropomorphism

Today’s ponderment has been floating around in my head for a while, and revolves around my growing belief that there’s too much anthropomorphism creeping in to wildlife filmmaking.  But am I right to think this?  Does the attribution of human traits and behaviours onto animals have its place in shaping the narrative and help to capture the viewer’s imagination?  Or is it a detrimental distraction which dilutes  our ability to understand the important scientific information and conservation messages being conveyed?   Continue reading The Trouble With Anthropomorphism