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Cheetah Population Plunges


A new study led by the Zoological Society of London [ZSL] and the Wildlife Conservation Society [WCS] has uncovered a dramatic decline in their numbers, with only around 7,100 believed to now exist in the wild. With a historic population of over 100,000 in 1900, the species is clearly now in a fragile state, amid calls for them to be reclassified by the IUCN as endangered. The reasons behind their collapse include:

  • Habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation.
  • Human-wildlife conflict.
  • Loss of prey due to the growing bushmeat trade.
  • Illegal pet trade.

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New Species of Chameleon Discovered in Tanzania

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Amur Tiger Conservation Milestone

An orphaned Amur Tiger released back into the wild after 16 months in captivity has given birth to two cubs in the Russian far-east for the first time.  The landmark discovery has given conservationists renewed hope for the future survival of the species, with only around 500 believed to still exist in the wild; primarily due to habitat fragmentation and illegal hunting.  During her time at the Alekseyevka Rehabilitation Centre she was kept away from human contact to prevent any habituation to them from occurring that could jeopardise a future release.  Crucially, while at the centre, she was taught to hunt live prey and proved to be a proficient hunter following the reintroduction into the Bastak Reserve.

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