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Rewilding Europe Gains Eighth Wilderness Site

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The Oder Delta, which straddles the border between Germany and Poland, is the latest habitat to form part of Rewilding Europe’s ambitious plan to rewild one million hectares of land by 2022 over ten designated regions. The area, which is comprised mainly of lagoons and wetlands, is home to the greatest density of White-tailed Eagles in Europe. Other key species of the delta include: Beaver, Bison, Wolf, Moose, Atlantic Sturgeon and Grey Seal. Large areas of land have been set aside for natural restoration and the species seem to be thriving.
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A very nervous fox, clearly spooked by the remote camera.  Of all the animals I’ve captured on it, they definitely seem to sense it more than any other creature.  It’s sniffing bait I put out in the hope of attracting otters- see ‘Otter Reclaiming its Catch’.  At this time of the year, the mating season is imminent and so they’ll be defending their territories intensely.  You may hear a chilling triple bark followed by a scream after dark, which is indicative of the mating season.