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Reflecting on Rewilding

So today’s thought of the day is a brief amalgamation of contemplations surrounding the issue of rewilding – an ideology that’s stirred up a lot of mostly healthy debate about how to go about restoring our deficient and degraded ecosystems in Britain.
As an advocate of this cause, having spent countless hours walking through barren habitats devoid of nutrients and any sign of wildness, I’ve been watching the discussions unfold with great interest.  My first observation: it’s really captured the imagination of the country and got the masses talking about our wildlife, its conservation and how we can improve it for the future, so that can only be a good thing.  But as the commentary gathers pace, I’m increasingly hearing misguided and ill-informed opinion on the matter, including…

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Hollow Arguments From Rewilding Opponents

Today’s musing comes from having watched a commendably substantial news feature about the notion of rewilding on Britain’s Channel 4 news yesterday evening.  One argument voiced during the discussion against the ecological restoration ethos was:  why are we talking about reintroducing species that have become extinct when so many of our current species are endangered?  Won’t this be detrimental to our existing flora and fauna?  Should we not concentrate on conserving these creatures instead?  This is a point of view I’ve been hearing more and more recently from those opposing the rewilding plans, and I think it completely misses the point; as the rewilding movement serves to address the very issues that have led to the neglect of our native wildlife. Continue reading Hollow Arguments From Rewilding Opponents

Rewilding Europe Gains Eighth Wilderness Site

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The Oder Delta, which straddles the border between Germany and Poland, is the latest habitat to form part of Rewilding Europe’s ambitious plan to rewild one million hectares of land by 2022 over ten designated regions. The area, which is comprised mainly of lagoons and wetlands, is home to the greatest density of White-tailed Eagles in Europe. Other key species of the delta include: Beaver, Bison, Wolf, Moose, Atlantic Sturgeon and Grey Seal. Large areas of land have been set aside for natural restoration and the species seem to be thriving.
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Here’s an interesting and illuminating discussion from BBC radio on the subject of rewilding, which is an ecological movement that’s gradually working its way into public discourse, especially here in Britain.  Feel free to share your views on the issue below.
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Encouraging to hear that rewilding-related initiatives across Europe are having a beneficial effect on the numbers of apex predators in numerous countries, where until recently they were either an extreme rarity or a distant memory.  Over 50 biologists contributed to the study, which was published recently in the Science journal.  The research showed that populations of these three carnivores, as well as the Wolverine, were either stable or increasing on the continent.  The paper cited reasons for this included, protective legislation, an increase in public support for the reintroduction of these animals and a variety of measures implemented to ensure coexistence between the creatures and people caused minimal conflict.