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Twenty Years Of Raptor Persecution Detailed In New RSPB Report

The RSPB Scotland report highlights the plight of 779 birds of prey illegally killed in Scotland between 1994 and 2014.  Of this, 468 were found to be poisoned, 173 were shot and 76 perished in illegal traps.  The deaths included 104 Red Kites, 37 Golden Eagles, 30 Hen Harriers, 16 Goshawks and 10 White-tailed Eagles.  These figures reflect only verified cases involving a criminal element and so the true figure of birds of prey affected during this period will be considerably higher, with a further 305 credible incidents reported involving similiar methods of trapping; or the presence of toxic bait. Continue reading Twenty Years Of Raptor Persecution Detailed In New RSPB Report


Wildlife Sightings in Scotland 2014/15

Almost a year has passed since I posted the results of my Scottish wildlife sightings between 2011 and 2014, so I thought it was about time I provided you with some fresh data.  As you would expect, there have been no seismic shifts in the general fauna seen, however, the composition has certainly altered.  The sightings recorded are of wildlife that I’ve deemed to be noteworthy and does not include common garden birds or any other ubiquitous animals.  It’s by no means scientific, and merely serves to reflect the uncommon wildlife profile of my local area in the Scottish Borders.  Here’s the top 10….

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