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Cheetah Population Plunges


A new study led by the Zoological Society of London [ZSL] and the Wildlife Conservation Society [WCS] has uncovered a dramatic decline in their numbers, with only around 7,100 believed to now exist in the wild. With a historic population of over 100,000 in 1900, the species is clearly now in a fragile state, amid calls for them to be reclassified by the IUCN as endangered. The reasons behind their collapse include:

  • Habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation.
  • Human-wildlife conflict.
  • Loss of prey due to the growing bushmeat trade.
  • Illegal pet trade.

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This week, the spotlight falls upon the smallest member of the Civet family, which resides throughout south-east Asia.  It’s a greatly under-reported species and consequently, little is known about its ecology.  It adopts a semi-arboreal, nocturnal lifestyle which has made documenting it a challenge, especially using modern methods such as camera traps.

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