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BBC Wildlife Magazine

February 2015. Page 52. Martens Heading South.

Scottish Islands Explorer siissue3islandsbarralatest-coverlatest-cover-1

Scottish Islands Explorer 

September/October 2015 Volume 16 / issue 5. Page 4. Guest Columnist Gordon Eaglesham considers a reversal of the exodus

November/December 2015 Volume 16 / issue 6. Page 16.  Isolated Islands in the Northern Waters.  Gordon Eaglesham surveys past and present communities.

January/February 2016 Volume 17 / issue 1. Page 20 Vanishings and Secrets. Gordon Eaglesham delves into the unresolved.

March/April 2016 Volume 17 / issue 2. Page 20 Gruinard, Garvie and Beyond. Gordon Eaglesham considers warfare on the west coast.

July/August 2016 Volume 17 / issue 4. Page 8 Beached. Gordon Eaglesham on flotsam, jetsam and… Moby-duck.

September/October 2016 Volume 17 / issue 5. Page 44 Weather Extremes. Gordon Eaglesham records some phenomenal conditions.

November/December 2016 Volume 17 / issue 6. Page 38 The Corryvreckan. Gordon Eaglesham explains the whirlpool phenomenon.

January/February 2017 Volume 18 / Issue 1. Page 32 A History of Lismore. Gordon Eaglesham learnt more.



Bird Watching Magazine

April 2016 issue. Centre section. Page 2. Go Wild in the Country. The rewilding of land is a contentious issue, but it could see the reintroduction of bird species that have been lost for centuries.

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Broadcasted / Viral Footage


Wild Pine Marten with too many Custard Creams – as seen on BBC Winterwatch Unsprung and BBC Earth 

Scotland: The Big Picture – An Introduction

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