Published articles


BBC Wildlife Magazine

February 2015. Page 52. Martens Heading South.

Scottish Islands Explorer siissue3islandsbarralatest-coverlatest-cover-1

Scottish Islands Explorer 

September/October 2015 Volume 16 / issue 5. Page 4. Guest Columnist Gordon Eaglesham considers a reversal of the exodus

November/December 2015 Volume 16 / issue 6. Page 16.  Isolated Islands in the Northern Waters.  Gordon Eaglesham surveys past and present communities.

January/February 2016 Volume 17 / issue 1. Page 20 Vanishings and Secrets. Gordon Eaglesham delves into the unresolved.

March/April 2016 Volume 17 / issue 2. Page 20 Gruinard, Garvie and Beyond. Gordon Eaglesham considers warfare on the west coast.

July/August 2016 Volume 17 / issue 4. Page 8 Beached. Gordon Eaglesham on flotsam, jetsam and… Moby-duck.

September/October 2016 Volume 17 / issue 5. Page 44 Weather Extremes. Gordon Eaglesham records some phenomenal conditions.

November/December 2016 Volume 17 / issue 6. Page 38 The Corryvreckan. Gordon Eaglesham explains the whirlpool phenomenon.

January/February 2017 Volume 18 / Issue 1. Page 32 A History of Lismore. Gordon Eaglesham learnt more.

July/August 2018 Volume 19 / Issue 4. Page 32. Fossils on Skye. Gordon Eaglesham made some discoveries.



Bird Watching Magazine

April 2016 issue. Centre section. Page 2. Go Wild in the Country. The rewilding of land is a contentious issue, but it could see the reintroduction of bird species that have been lost for centuries.

May 2018. Rewilding – Why Now? Words by Gordon Eaglesham

I also contribute to


Broadcasted / Viral Footage


Wild Pine Marten with too many Custard Creams – as seen on BBC Winterwatch Unsprung and BBC Earth 

Scotland: The Big Picture – An Introduction


The Lynx and Us – David Hetherington and Laurent Geslin

Text Editing by Gordon Eaglesham

Scotland: A Rewilding Journey  – Susan Wright, Peter Cairns & Nick Underdown plus contributor essays

Text Editing by Gordon Eaglesham and Polly Pullar


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