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Pine Marten Footage Recorded in the New Forest for the First Time

Remote cameras positioned at a Hawfinch feeding station in the New Forest, Hampshire, have captured the first-ever conclusive proof of Pine Marten activity in the area, following numerous reports over the years that a small population existed amongst the ancient woodland. The conservation group, Wild New Forest made the discovery, as part of their ongoing camera-trapping programme. The project is run by local naturalists, Russell Wynn and Marcus Ward, and was set up to improve the level of species recording in the New Forest.  Within the past year, sightings of these elusive mustelids have also been confirmed in Shropshire and Cornwall, as well as an official reintroduction initiative carried out in Wales by the Vincent Wildlife Trust.

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Guardians of the Amur Tiger

An enthralling short film about Amur Tiger conservation in one of its last  strongholds, against the backdrop of increasing threats from poaching and habitat fragmentation.




Bumper Year For Basking Sharks In Scotland

Over 700 sightings of the world’s second largest fish were recorded by the wildlife tour operator, Basking Shark Scotland and members of the public, between April and October this year.  The majority of the encounters took place near the islands of Mull, Tiree and Coll; all being established hotspots for sightings of these mysterious creatures, along with a variety of cetaceans.  Just 172 Basking Sharks were spotted in 2013, with 250 documented last year.  According to Basking Shark Scotland, 2015 has been their most plentiful year for sightings.

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Amur Tiger Conservation Milestone

An orphaned Amur Tiger released back into the wild after 16 months in captivity has given birth to two cubs in the Russian far-east for the first time.  The landmark discovery has given conservationists renewed hope for the future survival of the species, with only around 500 believed to still exist in the wild; primarily due to habitat fragmentation and illegal hunting.  During her time at the Alekseyevka Rehabilitation Centre she was kept away from human contact to prevent any habituation to them from occurring that could jeopardise a future release.  Crucially, while at the centre, she was taught to hunt live prey and proved to be a proficient hunter following the reintroduction into the Bastak Reserve.

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The Curious Case of Great Tits Preying on Bats

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First Ever Footage Captured of Critically Endangered Peruvian Bird

A recent expedition to the high altitude tropical forest of the mountainous Cerros del Sira region of Peru has recorded the first moving images of the mysterious Sira Currasow.  It’s believed to be confined exclusively to this isolated area, and was not first described by science until 1969.  Incredibly, three decades passed before it was observed in the wild again and it’s thought that just one photograph existed prior to these recordings being obtained.  The research team, led by biologists from Glasgow University and Exeter University, estimate that only around 250 mature adult birds remain alive; primarily due to habitat destruction and hunting for their sought after meat.

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Hedgehog in the Garden

Pleased to say I’ve just captured plentiful amounts of hedgehog footage on my remote camera, having not seen a live one in my home region since 2007.  After glimpsing it briefly in my parents garden a few days ago during the afternoon, I put out some wet cat food for it on the patio, in the hope of seeing it up close.  Being naturally nocturnal, seeing it at this time indicates that it’s probably suffering from an illness, although it’s not lost its appetite and is moving around normally.  It looks a tad underweight, however, it’s likely to be a juvenile and will not have yet reached its optimum size.  Having mated during May and June, now is the time when the offspring move out from their nest to find their own territory.

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