Having had a lifelong passion for wildlife since watching a David Attenborough documentary at the age of 5, I’ve immersed myself in anything zoological since then and wanted to share my interest with you.  I hope you’ll find something here that inspires you to get outdoors and view the wildlife that’s often on your doorstep.

The blog exists really to showcase the great variety of our wildlife, with a general focus on mammals and my native fauna here in Scotland.  It’s a mixture of local, national and international wildlife news and conservation issues, comment and feature articles, together with photography and video clips.  I also have a growing interest in the Rewilding movement that’s gathering momentum in the United Kingdom and across Europe currently.  All the remote camera footage shown is my own, unless otherwise stated.

I’m a published freelance wildlife writer, Contributing Writer for Scotland: The Big Picture, Editor of our new e-magazine, Think Like A Mountain, and have studied Mammal Ecology and Conservation in the past.  I’ve also contributed to the website, Wildlife Articles and volunteer with the Tweed Valley Osprey Project and The Wildlife Information Centre.

Got some wildlife news you would like to share, or is there a wildlife issue you would like me to investigate?  I’m always on the lookout for new writing projects, so if you have a proposal for work you’d like to discuss, feel free to contact me here in the first instance.



8 thoughts on “About”

  1. We have similar wildlife interests albeit in different locations. Like to see the positive results in the rewilding initiatives… that’s very encouraging when so many species are dwindling in numbers.

  2. Hi Gordon, thank you for following our adventures in sailing and photography. We share your interest in wildlife and conservation and hope you will enjoy our regular posts.

    1. Hello from Scotland and thanks for the comment. I’m enjoying exploring your informative blog and slightly envious of your lifestyle:)

    1. Thanks for the reblog and follow. I’m one of these people who’s interested in a vast range of topics, so your blog appears ideal! Cheers.

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