Twenty Years Of Raptor Persecution Detailed In New RSPB Report

The RSPB Scotland report highlights the plight of 779 birds of prey illegally killed in Scotland between 1994 and 2014.  Of this, 468 were found to be poisoned, 173 were shot and 76 perished in illegal traps.  The deaths included 104 Red Kites, 37 Golden Eagles, 30 Hen Harriers, 16 Goshawks and 10 White-tailed Eagles.  These figures reflect only verified cases involving a criminal element and so the true figure of birds of prey affected during this period will be considerably higher, with a further 305 credible incidents reported involving similiar methods of trapping; or the presence of toxic bait.

The findings also underline that a substantial majority of the killings occurred within areas linked with game-bird shooting – and particularly that of driven grouse activity.  Despite this, the research also confirms a decrease in recent years of raptor persecution in lowland areas of the country.  The full report can be read here.


2 thoughts on “Twenty Years Of Raptor Persecution Detailed In New RSPB Report”

  1. Our Wedge-tailed Eagle had a bounty on its head for many years causing over a million birds to be killed. The bounties were not lifted till the late 1960’s. The bird is endangered, and never seen in large numbers like other raptors. However it is making a recovery, though it is possible farmers may still shoot at it, if they believe their lambs are threatened.

    1. I’ve heard about this, but had no idea so many had been killed. There’s a similiar situation brewing, albeit on a much smaller scale, in Scotland, with the White-tailed Eagles. One photograph was taken of one flying away with what could have been a lamb, and suddenly there were calls for them to be ‘managed’. Only thought to make up a tiny portion of their diet here though…

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