Rewilding Europe Gains Eighth Wilderness Site

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The Oder Delta, which straddles the border between Germany and Poland, is the latest habitat to form part of Rewilding Europe’s ambitious plan to rewild one million hectares of land by 2022 over ten designated regions. The area, which is comprised mainly of lagoons and wetlands, is home to the greatest density of White-tailed Eagles in Europe. Other key species of the delta include: Beaver, Bison, Wolf, Moose, Atlantic Sturgeon and Grey Seal. Large areas of land have been set aside for natural restoration and the species seem to be thriving.

The Oder Delta’s impressive biodiversity is matched by its variety of habitats, which include: riverine forest, open sea and dunes, meadow and bogland, oak and pine trees and reed beds. It’s hoped the new status and already abundant wildlife will encourage more tourism revenue to the area. The charity, Rewilding Britain is in the process of being launched this month, spearheaded by the environmental commentator George Monbiot.


6 thoughts on “Rewilding Europe Gains Eighth Wilderness Site”

  1. That’s fantastic news, somewhere I’d love to go and see. Also very much looking forward to the launch of our own rewilding charity – they have a lot of work to do, but glad it’s getting some focus at last.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, we could do with some areas like that in Britain- sounds like a real biodiversity hotspot. Hopefully we’ll follow mainland Europe’s example. I checked the Rewilding Britain website a few days ago and it was yet to go live, but you can sign up to the future newsletter.

    1. Cheers for the link- I’ve just shared it on my twitter feed. I hope the Lynx reintroduction gets the green light soon, but I suspect it’ll be a long, tedious process hindered by red tape. I’m a big supporter of rewilding.

  2. Reblogged this on WilderScotland and commented:
    As rewilding efforts in Scotland continue to gain momentum, its important that remember that as unique each project is, Rewilding is happening elsewhere. The work on-going in Europe provides invaluable insights and opportunities for Scotland the wider UK as we monitor and assess the success of the various approaches made by our pan-european counterparts. In this short article wildlife blogger Gordon Eaglesham highlights an important development in the rewilding of Europe, which will undoubtedly provide more data and field studies to help inform decisions makers and conservationists here in the UK.

    1. Thanks for the insightful comment and the reblog. As you say, hopefully we can mirror the best examples of rewilding and learn from the mistakes too. More people in Britain just need to open their minds a bit more…

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