Having recently spotted a young Pine Marten for the first time in the wild, in the Scottish Borders of all places, I put out my remote camera in the hope of capturing it on film.  To entice it, I left out a jam sandwich and nuts- two of their favourite things.  As you will see, it did work, but in a way I didn’t expect.  You’ll see the Pine Marten actually catching a wood mouse that was feeding on the bait.  It then appears to scent-mark the tree before leaving.

Fantastic to have them back in this region after such a long time away and it’s hard to believe that I’ve had my first sighting and footage of one within 48 hours.  It certainly indicates there is a healthy population of them now living in the area, and long may that continue.   The date displayed on the footage is wrong- this was captured yesterday evening.  More recordings to follow I hope…….




    1. Cheers Matt.

      Yeah, the footage was captured just off the main walking trail from the Cardrona forest car park. So about 500 yards along the trail and a further 50 yards into the coniferous forest on the right. But the chances of seeing them there again will be slim, given their large range and low population density. I had my remote camera out on a further two occasions very close to the original spot and didn’t get anything further. Good luck!

  1. It was quite a long shot, more than anything I wanted to prove to myself these elusive critters actually exist. Back over the border now trying to establish if there are any at all in Northumberland. Will keep you posted on results! Cheers!

      1. No worries at all. Thanks for the info. The idea of a remote camera sounds very interesting to me. Will give it some thought for sure 🙂

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